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Happy, Heavenly Birthday Mama

2,333 days ago, you were face-to-face with Jesus and our Father himself. Your race was finished.

In your absence, you’ve left a legacy of love that ripples through the hearts of anyone who knew you.

At the utterance of your name, a smile shines across familiar faces you knew well.

How crazy is it that I got to call you, “Mom?” Wow.

I was your first of five miracle babies. With five different personalities, you still knew how to calm any storm within us like only a mother could do…a godly mother.

Faith was your weapon and your remedy for anything. You taught me how to love and know God. “Love was the key” to everything, agape-level.

Not a day goes by where I wish to walk through a door or answer the phone to hear you say, “Hey Bubba!”

Your wisdom would always steer me on better tides.

And though your race was finished, I know you’re still cheering me on in mine.

Happy heavenly birthday, Mama!

I love and miss you,


Clip captures my Mom praising God ♥️

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